About Us

Our vision

To be the most sought after and trusted diamond brand.

At Aida Diamonds, our goal is to enable our customers to access the highest quality diamonds with the support of our trusted team. Without having to pay a staggering amount of money, our customers can make their dreams come true. Our team who have more than 30 years of jewelery experience, have made the jewelery that captures the priceless moments of our customers and their loved ones.

Because of this; We aim to be a diamond brand that always meets current and future needs by following the trends and growing in the internet environment and the right locations so that our customers can reach us easily.

As Aida Diamonds brand, we are proud to serve you in the best possible way by understanding your needs and sharing precious moments.

Our Values

Trust is at the forefront for us, therefore we stand behind all our products and provide our customers with high quality lab grown diamonds and Moissanite stones that are ethically sourced. Our business environment is based on confidence, quality and love.

We work diligently to deliver our products to you without purchasing first by using our resources in all links of the chain in the process.

Lab-Grown Diamond Technology

Diamonds are formed under the right temperature and pressure level, with a journey that takes millions of years underground.

Diamonds are sparkling, transparent and very hard in structure.

These properties depend on the perfect arrangement of the carbon atoms inside the diamond crystal.

These properties depend on the perfect arrangement of the carbon atoms inside the diamond crystal.

Although they look perfectly the same, no diamond is the same as another.

Like human DNA, they all have their own unique structure.

The less natural traces there are, the more light the diamond reflects and the more value it gains.

With the developing technology, diamonds can now be produced in laboratories. In fact, these are the real diamonds too.

The origin of the diamond produced in the laboratory is a natural or either diamond. Using advanced technology, extreme pressure and heat is applied to a small diamond, which acts as a seed, in order to mimic the natural method of formation of diamonds found in the earth's mantle and reaching temperatures of 1200 degrees.

Small seed diamonds are enlarged in this way with advanced technological devices and processes.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds

Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are the perfect diamonds produced with a technology that protects nature.

It is impossible to distinguish from mined diamonds visually.

In fact, highly specialized scientific testing is the only way to detect if a diamond is Lab-Grown or Mined.

Lab-grown diamonds are a more responsible and environmentally friendly choice as earth mined diamonds have a huge negative impact on the environment Lab grown diamonds are much more economical than natural diamonds of the same size/quality. They are phsically, chemically and optically exactly the same.They feel and shine the same.


Lab grown diamonds come with a Diamond Grading Certificate. The certificate is important as it will grade the quality and value of the diamond. In the event that its lost or stolen; It is proof that the diamond belongs to you.

At Aida diamonds, we stock GIA and IGI certified diamonds.

Protecting your Diamonds and Moissanite

Diamonds are extremely durable and hard with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. Moissanie is the 2nd hardest stone with a hardness of 9.25. But just like mined diamonds they are not indestructible. To cherish your jewelery forever, you must treat them with care. Here are some tips to protect your precious gems:

-Do not use abrasive chemicals and solutions to clean your diamonds.

-To prevent the accumulation of substances that will reduce the shine of your diamond, wear your jewelry after applying perfume, hair spray, hand lotion, make-up.

-Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing gardening, housework, etc.

-To prevent any scratches Store each gemstone separately.

Our duty is to provide you with the perfect diamond that you can pass on from generation to generation, and yours is to protect them