How To Identify A Real Diamond? Find The Right One For Your Hand?

How To Identify A Real Diamond? Find The Right One For Your Hand?

By: James Thomas

Diamonds are very popular precious stones and have the ability to make you the talk of the town. A piece of real diamond jewellery like a real diamond tennis bracelet can attract the attention of anyone you meet and raise your social status to a great extent. However, when buying diamonds, you have to make sure that the jewellery is indeed real and high quality.

Why Buy Jewellery Made Of Real Natural Diamonds? 

These days, people are also buying a lab grown diamond tennis bracelet, and while they can be of high quality, natural and real diamonds are higher in price. Real diamonds sourced out from nature have a better resale value too. So, if you are going to buy a diamond tennis bracelet, invest more and buy a real natural diamond bracelet.

Characteristics Of Real Diamonds For Testing Their Quality

In this article, we will come to know about the characteristics of a gold diamond tennis bracelet so that you make an informed choice when buying.

The Hardness Of The Diamond

When checking for real diamonds, look for their hardness. Natural diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, and they will never break until you have specialised equipment to cut them. So, when you are buying diamond jewellery, let the jewellery drop & see if the diamond goes unharmed. If the jewellery is made of real diamonds & precious metals, the jewellery piece will go unharmed.

The Difference In Colours

If you are buying real diamonds, you will see a difference in colour. The rarest of diamonds are actually yellow, blue or pink. If you can see yellow undertones in your diamond or slightly blue ones, then it is a real diamond jewellery piece. Even if the diamond is none of these colours, it will not be completely white. If you find something odd about the colour of the Platinum Diamond Tennis Bracelet, talk to your jeweller.

Real Diamonds Can Scratch Any Surface

When buying a diamond bracelet, use its diamonds to scratch on different surfaces like glass, metal etc. Real diamonds can scratch on any surface, and you will see a difference on the surface if you drag the diamonds with a little force. However, the diamonds will not be damaged. If you see that your diamonds are damaged after the scratch test, they were not real diamonds to begin with. If the diamond already has scratches, then it is not of original quality.

Not Transparent

Because diamonds sparkle, some people think that natural diamonds are transparent. However, real diamonds are not see-through, and you cannot see anything through them. The diamond will instead reflect grey shades and sparkles. If you can check the diamonds individually before buying the bracelet, then go for this test.


Today, there are many instruments that help you test the quality of a diamond. There are many jewellers who will offer you diamond tennis bracelets for sale. Before choosing one, always look at the quality of the diamonds you are getting for the price point. Also check for the quality before spending a lot since people use fake diamonds to defraud people of a lot of money. Go to your trusted jeweller and choose a good design with real diamonds set in the bracelet.